Custom Appliqué Handbags– Charleston, SC

Appliqué embroidery is the perfect way to add a personal touch to the accessories and items you use nearly every day. A custom appliqué handbag is an affordable option for those looking to add an attractive and personalized statement piece to their everyday ensemble. Initials, names, or nearly any design you can think of can be applied as the perfect accent to your favorite bag!

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What Is Appliqué Embroidery?

Appliqué embroidery is a well-known and cost-effective type of needlework that’s used to apply a unique design to nearly any fabric item. A favorite among businesses for promotion, appliqué is also an excellent choice for decorating your home or favorite clothing accessories.

The process involves sewing shaped fabric onto your items in order to create pictures or patterns. Durable and attractive, appliqué involves the application of laser-cut fabric pieces that stitched onto your chosen item. The result is a lasting hold—and most importantly, a beautiful product.

Why Appliqué Handbags?

Custom appliqué handbags make for fantastic gifts or a great way to expand the look of your accessories. A personalized handbag is sure to be used often, and the beautiful embroidery available from O’Connor is sure to amaze!

Best of all, the rugged single piece construction of appliqué means that your handbag will stand up to the test of day-to-day use. Your new handbag will feature a great design that can be easily cleaned as well, meaning that any spills or mishaps can be quickly remedied.


Working With O’Connor Embroidery

At O’Connor Embroidery, we are pleased to offer state-of-the-art embroidery technology alongside friendly and personal service. Our experienced staff can accommodate any handbag design and can even offer helpful suggestions regarding color and layout. At O’Connor, your final embroidered product is only limited by your imagination!

Browse the items available through our suppliers, or feel free to bring in a favorite bag that you already own. Here are the collections of bags available to our customers:

To place your order for a custom appliqué handbag in Charleston, SC, contact O’Connor Embroidery today. We look forward to working with you!