Examples of embroidery so you can compare and get an idea of pricing.

We will embroider on your products if it is something we are familiar with.


$15 Basic Monograms

The price for monograms or text starts at $15. The examples to the left are all $15 monograms. Prices can go up depending upon size and complexity of the design and the product we are putting it on. We have many font styles to choose from.




$18.00 Premium Monograms

Monograms with premium features start at $18.00 and go up based upon the stitch count.


Custom Appliques

The set-up charge for applique starts at $65 and there is a separate embroidery charge. The embroidery charge will depend upon how complex the design is. Be prepared to pay around $100 for a large design like the example on the left.


Custom Embroidery

The price for custom embroidery will run from $15.00 to $3.25 for a 6000 stitch design based upon quantity. There is a one time $30.00 set-up fee (up to 6000 stitchs). There are many things that will impact the pricing. See our complete price list on the link below.